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Dear Friends,

Result of the most coveted exam for a Bio-Science student, Yes..Joint CSIR-UGC Test held on 18-12-2011 are out. And like earlier occasions we are again happy to interview some who have secured good position in examination. We share their guidance, tips & tricks and success mantra with all fellow Biotecnikans which would be helpful in their future endeavour.

So without any further delay we introduce Mr Shendge Aaddeshkumar (CSIR Roll no : 347088) who secured 32nd rank in CSIR exams.

Interview Excerpts :

“Congratulations! Mr Shendge Aadeshkumar for having excellently cracked CSIR exams.”

Biotecnika : 
What exactly was running in your mind after checking your results?
Mr Aaddeshkumar : CSIR paper was easy so i was expecting at least JRF. But i got CSIR- rank 32. So i am totally happy. It really give you confidence that you got something.

Biotecnika :
 So, now that you have cleared CSIR, What’s your next plan?
Mr Aaddeshkumar : I am planning for getting into CSIR lab. Currently I am in Mtech First year. So i need to complete course. I am may be trying from June this year.

Biotecnika :
 How did you equip yourself for the exam?
Mr Aaddeshkumar : I read basic books. CSIR gives you opportunity to chose a subject and study it well so you can score in section C well. I studied genetics. That helped me a lot. I guess I got at least 20 correct question in section C.

Biotecnika :
 There are plenty of students who are diverting their careers from life sciences thinking that there are no career opportunities in this field, what’s your say on this?
Mr Aaddeshkumar : It is true that opportunities are very limited. But after few years opportunities will be increased. Your goal should be to survive till. And i strongly believe Biotechnology is a filed which need high dedication and interest.

Biotecnika : 
How do you think our aspirants have to prepare for Life sciences Stream?
Mr Aaddeshkumar : Go for basis books. If you find any subject new to you then read it from some books prepared for CSIR. Study well.

Biotecnika :
 What is your feedback on Biotecnika’s Quality
Mr Aaddeshkumar :  “Biotecnika is a good site. You can use it for discussing question. It nice to have such forum.”

Biotecnika : 
Any Tips/Tricks you’d like to give your friends preparing for CSIR?
Mr Aaddeshkumar :  You should know at which subject your strong and in which your weak. It really help when your deciding which question to be solved. How many question you attempts that is also a big factor.

Congratulations once again Mr Shendge Aadeshkumar !!! it was very nice talking with and we are sure our aspirants will surely follow your way of cracking CSIR also We Biotecnikan wish you all the Best in all your endeavours.

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