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Video Backups

  • Video Backup of all Classes
  • Quick Revision
  • Easy to refer anytime , anywhere
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Let me tell you story of Suraj, a CSIR NET aspirant just like you. He used to attend 4-5 hrs of classes for CSIR preparation. He used to take down rigorous notes in class. Upon reaching home by evening after some rest he usually begins with his self-study. He opened his notebook one day to look through the notes he took during the class, But wait, What ?? He missed taking few key points told by the teacher and now he is clueless how to proceed ahead with the topic as he busy taking notes in class without listening to the teacher carefully. Gone are the days of old-school teaching methodology wherein the teacher dictates and students take notes. In this fast-moving world, we need to go ahead with the same speed or else be ready to stumble upon. Thus Biotecnika offers this unique feature of video backup of all the classes taken.

All the lectures that are taken across all the branches of Biotecnika whether it is online or offline are recorded and uploaded in Online Study Portal so that the students can go back home, go through the video and get back to the teacher the next day if he/she has any doubts regarding that class. This not only helps in a thorough revision of the topics taught in the class but also makes you ready for the next class which can be a continuation of the same topic. This will make you understand the topic better.

Advantages of Video back up of Classes:


  • No need to take down word to word notes in the class
  • Easily recall content taught in the class
  • Helps you in making a list of doubts you have related to the topic and get it resolved by the teacher the next day or ask it via online chat.
  • Helps you in quick revision just before the exams
  • You get to study the same topic from different teachers as you get access to video back up all the classes taken in Bangalore, Noida, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune & Online Classes.
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