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Biotecnika’s Online Study Material is one of its Unique Offering to CSIR NET aspirants. Our CSIR NET life science study material is developed by highly experienced and competent experts and is structured keeping in mind the latest methods that are followed in interactive online tutoring. The structure of the curriculum is arranged in such a way that the students do not face any issue while studying and remembering them and that’s what makes our online curriculum so unique.

CSIR NET Life Science syllabus 2018 is vast and covers almost 100 topics in an elaborative way. Our Online Study Material has been designed keeping this in mind so as to give our students an edge over the other examinees.

What are its advantages?

Biotecnika’s CSIR NET Online Study Material helps our students in not just going through the topics by following an interactive method, but it also goes a long way in helping them remembering the content and assimilating them in a proper way. When that happens, it becomes pretty easier for them to recall the topics whenever they need to, while appearing the exam.

The method of teaching that we follow is not just in black and white. The curriculum includes a wide range of colorful animations, a series of PowerPoint presentation and textual and visual notes, concept review assessments and unit tests. All these make sure that the students not only learn fast following the interactive way, but the learning is fruitful at the end of the day. They are able to recall the concepts and the content much faster whenever they need to.

Why You Need Online Study Material / Biotecnika- e-Learner?


  • Our online study material / Biotecnika-e-Learner helps you build concepts.
  • Our Video Recorded Classes, powerpoints and animations ensure, you understand every topic in depth.
  • Its Interactivity empowers you to remember & recall faster.
  • It helps you measure your improvements via Concept review Tests & AIMNET ( All India Mock Test series).
  • A precise form of notes for all chapters, ensures you study all that required for the exam, without missing any chapters
  • It gives an added advantage of Interacting with experts and clearing your doubts.

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