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You have a choice when you are looking for online coaching and preparation. We want to be your choice. We think we’re different from others – in a good way. Here’s how – and why it matters to students and parents.

We are different because we follow “Student First” approach.
This is what we have adopted:

  • We are completely honest with our students and their parents on what we are doing and how we are doing.
  • We never promise you what we can’t do. Our objective is to provide top quality education with complete care and support for our students and we don’t make any compromises on that.
  • We develop a personal bonding between a teacher and a student. Our counselling sessions are always running in the background, monitoring a student’s performance and mental strength all the time. Our teaching methods are flexible and can change according to a student’s personality.
  • We don’t lie about the qualification of our faculties. Not all are IITians. This is a myth that only IIT passouts can teach best to students. There are brilliant teachers who are not from top colleges but know how to teach students for entrance exams.
  • We don’t put fake testimonials and results on our website. We always provide Proof
  • We are humble, accept our mistakes, and try to improve all the time.

If you are a parent, check out if we are good in saying things, or do we actually follow these standards!

If you are a student, experience some of our free demo classes and personally interact with the teachers.

If you are an outsider, spread the message, “Student first”.

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