How to make best Notes for CSIR NET / GATE Exam ?

Preparing for any entrance exam means the following:

  • Preparing & collecting Best notes for the exam
  • Studying according to the Time Table
  • Practicing More & More Questions

While we all are unique and we all have different study habits, We need to follow some general guidelines so that we do not get carried away by the vast ocean of syllabus and stick to those topics which helps us qualify the exam.

In this article i am going to cover the 1st Point and second point. i think the 3rd Point can be automatically covered if you opt for BioTecNika’s CSIR NET Coaching / Online Study Material / Printed Study Material or Test series.

  1. Preparing & Collecting Best Notes for CSIR NET Exam / GATE Exam: In one of the articles on BioTecNika earlier we had mentioned about the Top 20 standard books which you can refer and also mentioned about the Study Material which Biotecnika can provide you. However the Best notes are the self compiled notes because you make it as per your own needs. But i have seen students often having the following challenges:
    • What to keep and what to skip in the notes: This can be best answered the aspirant himself, However your mentors at Biotecnika can come handy when knowing the importance and weightage of that topic in CSIR NET.
    • Mobility of Notes: What is the use of Notes if they can not be with you 24X7 ? But can you really carry so many papers with you wherever you go ? Watch the Webinar below to learn how you can make your notes mobile
    • Distraction Free Learning: Watch the Webinar on how to keep yourself distraction free when you are studying
    • How much is too much ?
      • Many a times, over enthusiastic aspirants stress themselves and end up pausing their preparation
      • The secret is prolonged sustained steady studying under the guidance of experienced mentors

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