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Name : Lavanya Vasudevan

CSIR Reg No : 301748

(Lectureship – Rank 38)

I got to know that many of my friends who had taken classes from Biotecnika have cleared the CSIR Dec 2012 exam. I would like to congratulate them and Biotecnika for this achievement.

I started preparing for CSIR Dec 2012 in September. With the enormous syllabus in front me, I was completely perplexed and clueless on how to go about studying. I got to know about the crash course offered by Biotecnika from October, and enrolled for it. I was wondering how the faculty at Biotecnika will be able to cover such huge syllabus in a matter of 60 days. But the method of coaching was very different from the conventionally followed ones. They first concentrated on the most important topics, and going about solving problems amidst classes and discussions.

The recorded sessions in the online portal could be accessed anytime, and is very much like attending a live class. It is clear that the faculty refers to, not just one, but many standard books, and they are friendly and proficient in doubt-clearing.

We were guided on how to prepare for a competitive exam of this calibre, while improving our logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. My attitude towards the exam changed, and now I feel CSIR NET can be cracked.

I have now enrolled for the six months course with Biotecnika, and hope to do better in the CSIR exam that is coming up.

I have grown so used to referring to the videos in the study portal whenever I have any doubts, that I was thinking how I would be able to do without the portal after my enrollment gets terminated!

I sincerely thank and appreciate the efforts put in by each and every person at Biotecnika!

I feel Biotecnika can try and expand their faculty base (without losing out on quality), so that more expertise will be available.

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