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We congratulate “Badal Pandya” for achieving glorious success in CSIR-NET-2012. According to the results announced Badal (327442) cleared JRF(NET)UGC Rank: 068

Excerpts from his interview are as following, where he shares his success story with aspirants for Dec – CSIR-NET 2012:

Biotecnika: What exactly was running in your mind after checking your results?

Badal: I was surprised and happy too. it was the moment, i was waiting for, hard work always pays.

Biotecnika: So, now that you have cleared CSIR, What’s your next plan?

Badal: I would like to join a very good research institute to contribute in a research field. I know that is not a easy job but with hard work and dedication we can make impossible possible.

Biotecnika: How did you equip yourself for the exam?

Badal: A good study material and better guidance. well managed study schedule time management.

Biotecnika: There are plenty of students who are diverting their careers from life sciences thinking that there are no career opportunities in this field, what’s your say on this?

Badal: Thats not true. there are more career opportunities in life sciences than any other field. the most important thing is that u have to be dedicated. you must have passion for Life Science.

Biotecnika: How do you think our aspirants have to prepare for Life sciences Stream?

Badal: They should not worry about the result . because hard work always pays.

Biotecnika: What is your feedback on Biotecnika’s Quality?

Badal: Excellent. it provides very good study material and well mannered guidance which is most important thing for any exam.

Biotecnika: Was Biotecnika Test/ Study material competent enough to help you solve all the paper?

Badal: Yes! the most valuable thing was model papers. model papers are mainly CSIR oriented.

Biotecnika: Any Tips/Tricks you’d like to give your friends preparing for CSIR?

Badal: hard work, dedication and guidance ( like biotechnika online study material and model papers)

Biotecnika: How did you find the Questions in our Biotecnika NET JRF Learner and AIMNET Test Series?

Badal: Excellent. it was very much helpful for me to prepare for CSIR exam. it was like a replica of CSIR. that papers helped me very much in time management. time management is most important for such exams.

That’s great!!! It was very nice talking to you and I would like to congratulate you once again and thanks from BioTecNika.

Badal: Welcome Sir…!!!!

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