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Dear Friends,

As we rush towards the most coveted Exam for a Bio Sciences student, We thought its necessary if we have some guidance from CSIR NET qualifiers, who have been through the process and secured good position in the exam.

Interview excerpts:

Biotecnika: Congratulations kakali on your Grand success

Kakali : Thank you sir !!

Biotecnika: How was your state of mind after you saw the result?

Kakali :  I was on cloud 9

Biotecnika: What are you planning to do after this?

Kakali : I want to join one national level good institute. But most of them now conduct separate interview, so trying to excel myself to conquer that.

Biotecnika: How did you find this exam as a M.Sc  candidate?

Kakali : M.Sc exam and NET is not same. Much more hard work and dedication are needed. And moreover candidate should have logical approach what is mandatory for solving MCQS. In M.Sc exam we usually do not face this kind of tricky situation. And more over for each wrong answer there is a negative marking, so candidate should remain relaxed during the exam.

Biotecnika: How do you think our aspirants have to prepare for Life sciences Stream?

Kakali : I think 3-4 month thorough study is enough. But thorough means thorough. A candidate should study with 100% dedication. Any other distraction should not be there. During the spare time or before sleep one can revise the part what he or she has learnt on that day. That will help them to boost their memory. If some terms are tricky they can write it down on a paper & fix it on the wall, so in that way they can see those every day. I had a problem with certain pathways, I used to do the same & now those are all in my grip. That will help them in facing PhD interview too.

I would like to say to the aspirants that prepare one whole unit in one week. Then give AIMNET conducted by Biotecnika. AIMNET is too helpful, a wonderful job by Biotecnika. Here you can see your progress; you can see the true competition. If you will get satisfactory score in this exam then definitely you will get through NET exam what I have felt with myself. I never missed any AIMNET & studied well to get a good score in AIMNET & did well in AIMNET, and before the main exam I was relaxed because I found that I have really managed to complete the mammoth syllabus. So prepare in that way. Divide the week in three parts. For first 2-3 days read the unit well, for next 2-3 days clear your doubts and solve questions, then give AIMNET on Sunday.

And try to cover the whole syllabus, though it’s tough but that really pays. If you find some areas really boring then you can leave one or two portions but never miss a whole unit!! That’s fatal.

Biotecnika: Was Biotecnika Test/ Study material competent enough to help you solve all the paper

Kakali : Biotecnika Study material is really good and helped me really. It is best in many ways, it’s scientifically designed & they provide many animations which helps to clear the concept.

Biotecnika: How will you place yourself in 5 years down the line?

Kakali :  My wish is to see myself as a molecular biologist. I want to be a good scientist as well a good teacher. Any teaching opportunity in any University along with my research work will be blissful for me.

Biotecnika: Any Tips/Tricks you’d like to give your friends preparing for GATE?

Kakali : GATE syllabus is much shorter than NET. There is a huge scoring opportunity who takes Biotechnology and Biochemistry combination. Though I took Zoology & Biochemistry as Zoology is my mother subject. And one needs to clear the Chemistry basics for this exam.

Biotecnika: How did you equip yourself for the exam?

Kakali : I usually studied for 10-12 hours a day and 12-14 in later stage. Given AIMNET every week and I found in June that almost the whole syllabus is ready. Then I revised & given the main exam.

Biotecnika: Where does Biotecnika Expert Solution Centre stand in its service in other words what is the rank of our ESC?

Kakali : The service is really good. Whenever I asked them for any doubts they have given me the feedback quickly. Thanks to them.

Biotecnika: What will be the Blue Print suggested by you for the syllabus of CSIR

Kakali : I will suggest all the aspirants to cover the whole syllabus. Excel yourself in your own field but don’t miss a Unit. I have written a blog explaining this to Biotecnika Website.

Biotecnika: How do you rate Biotecnika’s Online Coaching?

Kakali :  It’s really helping. Only for their online coaching I could do this far. Heartily thanks to Biotecnika team, and to Shekhar Sir and Neha ma’am, for their support. Three cheers to Biotecnika, Hip Hip HoorayJ

Biotecnika: How did you find the Questions in our Biotecnika NET JRF Learner?

Kakali : It’s helped me to practice well & to prepare also for AIMNET, what ultimately paid me in the main interview. It’s also has been designed as a mock exam, that helps student. Again thanks to Biotecnika and all the best to all aspirants

Biotecnika: Thank you Kakali for providing us useful insights about the preparation. We wish you all the very best for future

Kakali: Welcome Sir

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