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November 16,2013

How to Prepare for NET JRF Life sciences

Preparation of CSIR-UGC (NET) Exam The best time for an aspirant to start preparation for this examination is from M.Sc. first year. Aspirants have to make a proper strategy before starting the preparation and must be under the supervision of any qualified individual for the proper guidance. First of all...

November 16,2013

Advantage of NET JRF Over NET LS

Qualified NET JRF? You have an advantage! - You are eligible for lectureship too. A certain number of JRFs are awarded each year by CSIR-UGC to the candidates who qualify in the joint entrance examination conducted by CSIR-UGC. The CSIR Fellowships are tenable in Universities/IITs/Post-Graduate Colleges/Government Research Establishments including those of CSIR, R&D establishments of recognized public or...

November 16,2013

MCQ’s troubling you?

Multiple Choice Questions are part of every competitive exams these days. Are they troubling you? How do you manage solving them in the allotted time? Here we list some tips for you. Try it. Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Questions Read the directions carefully Know if each question has one...

November 15,2013

Are you a PhD aspirant?

Do think about whether you really want to do a PhD? Being a PhD student is not the same as being an undergrad, nor like working as a research assistant. A PhD is extremely challenging which requires a lot of discipline and dedication. Do choose your supervisor well The quality of your supervisor will have a...

November 11,2013

Quiz for the day!!

Quiz for the day Attempt it and test yourself! START THE QUIZ - Subject as well as aptitude

November 5,2013

Affordable Price

Value is more expensive than price Yes! We are affordable. We bet. Our institute provides the quality your investment deserves. Whether your money or time - It's WORTH Our coaching and the extended facility we provide for our candidates makes us better. Spare some time from your routine busy schedule...

November 5,2013

Interview Assistance

Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all. Our support not just ends with your clearing CSIR NET exam. Rather, we aid your grooming for JRF/PhD interviews and provide assistance to you through our vast Network...

November 5,2013

Small Batches – Better Personal Attention

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work   We believe in providing " quality " education rather than concentrating on the " quantity " Quality standards can be met only when our students excel with flying colors. And, that would be possible when adequate attention is given...

November 5,2013

Special Attention – Part A & C

Part A and Part C are the portions which determine who takes home a JRF along with a better ranking, so we have special faculty to pull you up in GS as well as Part C type questions   Part A: Questions - 20 Type - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)...

November 5,2013

Chat Support for Doubt Solving

  The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he's one who asks the right questions. Got a Doubt while studying at Home. Your Coaching Experts are just a click away. Come Online and ask your doubt. Doubts arise anytime. And, it's at peaks during study time....

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