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November 5,2013

Library Facility

What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education We have a vast collection of books for your reference in our library ranging from all standard Books and journals which can help your in CSIR preparations. Our students are allowed to take these books...

November 5,2013

AIM-NET – Test yourself

Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased. To give you a sense of competition, we run AIM-NET series every Sunday and is open to all members, you can attempt it to get a feel of competition and where you stand across all India ranking. Advantages of the AIM-NET for...

November 5,2013

Practice Maximiser

Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation All study and no practice makes you a dull student, thus BioTecNika's Test series: NET JRF Pro are open all the time (24/7), attempt it any time, any number of times and practice as much as you can, get your score...

November 5,2013

Revise smarter

The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in. Learning is never complete without revision. Though revision is an important aspect - doing it smartly is important. It should be time saving as well as something that would help you recollect and recall easier. Our every...

November 5,2013

Online Study Portal

Biology is a demonstrative subject and thus we have designed our E-Learning Portal in lines with the fact that each and every animation, powerpoint and Video shown in class will be available at your disposal in our Study Portal. Besides that you will also received special -Learning Modules to groom...

November 5,2013

Intelli Study Material

Our Study Material  ( 8 and 14 sets of Printed Books) has been designed in a manner such that it is not only good for first time students but also helps in Quick Recall. It's up to date and in lines of the new pattern of CSIR NET.  

November 5,2013

Experienced Staff

Our staff have vast experience in teaching and grooming students of all types. Whether you are a slow learner, fast learner or a hard worker. we adjust the pace of teaching as per your IQ so that you do not find any topic difficult.  

November 5,2013

Interactive Learning

Our faculty makes learning two way. You not only learn the theory via animations but also solve interactive quizzes after the class and get the concepts clearer in mind  

November 5,2013

Integrated Coaching

When you learn your brain can remember textual things temporarily (and also you will forget faster) but Brain can easily remember animations/ images (that why you remember a cinema more than what you study). Thus learn in our E-Teaching enabled classroom at Bangalore with all Animations, Powerpoints, Videos at your disposal.

November 1,2013

15 Reasons why you should opt for BioTecNika’s Classroom Coaching

CSIR NET is the 1st step towards a stable career in Life Sciences. Having said that, it's also important to get a JRF so that you can fund your Ph.D Thus BioTecNika has come up with its innovative teaching methodology of combining all the benefits which no other coaching institute...

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