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Hello Biotecnika,

I cleared DBT Exam for which I am very thankful to you and Biotecnika team. Before joining Biotecnika, Genetics used to haunt me, but from the crash course only, I started enjoying it more and now days while practicing previous year paper, I pick ques from this topic first. I am very thankful for your teaching methodology.

This time DBT too changed it’s pattern. There were more questions from Genetics, one of gene mapping, then one predicting the number of heterozygotes from the cross AaBbCc AaBbCc using the formula n(n-1)/2(n is number of alleles).

As compared to previous year, this time questions were good, rather better, widely covering Immunology, Genetics, RDT, Molecular Biology and fermentation. The paper was like Biotech GATE with 2 match the columns type questions.

Once again Many thanks for your guidance.


  • ANUJ CHATURVEDI Posted 20 hours ago

    I want to join crash course for dbt jrf


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