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Recently we got the good news that One of our student Ms Anshika Tandon cracked NET JRF with all India Rank 177 and we could not stop ourselves to contact her for an interview. She has also cracked GATE 2009 previously with 96 percentile and is currently employed at CDRI, Lucknow as Project Assistant. Below is an excerpt of the interview with her.

Biotecnika : So how do you feel after clearing CSIR apart from being GATE qualifed?
Anshika : I feel myself on cloud nine after clearing it.

Biotecnika : Do you have plan to give any other entrance exams?
Anshika : Yes, i have planned to give NII and JNU entrances

Biotecnika : What was your preparation strategy for CSIR? Was it different from the one you used in GATE?
Anshika : The Strategy was simple and straight study hardclear your basics and be always to the point and logical. In gate selective study could be done which is not possible in CSIR u have to study each and every topic of syllabus.

Biotecnika : Where do you see yourself about 10 years from now?
Anshika : I see myself to be a scientist in the field of molecular biology.

Biotecnika : On a scale of 1-10 rate the CSIR-NET-JRF test series available on Biotecnika?
Anshika : I would give biotecnika 7 points in scale of 10.

Biotecnika : Would you like to give any cheat codes to our users for cracking CSIR?
Anshika : I didn’t use any cheat codes but yes in biochem for cycles i used that were of common use.Apart from cycles i never used cheat codes.

Biotecnika  : Would you like to give any suggestions to our users for cracking CSIR?
Anshika : I would say to all aspirants that give your total concentration to the exam.Be clear with your basics as some are basics questions, revise your +2 course also.If physics is not in reach do not go for your syllabus carefully and keep it on tips. you will be selected!

Biotecnika : What topics in CSIR-JRF syllabus do you think carry more weightage or carry less weightage?
Anshika : Since syllabus is changed and pattern too everything is important but then also u should have command on your syllabus. Molecular, Biology, Genetics, Cell, Immuno, Recombinant DNA Technology Techniques,Ecology are very important. Nothing is left everything covered in this.

Biotecnika: What Strategy One should follow for cracking CSIR NET JRF?

Anshika: The only Strategy is this, Answer should be specific and to the point.First answer that question whose you know all the parts and then lesser one, try to answer all 16 in subjective and around 80-85(in 140) in first paper, don’t go for negatives for selection.

Biotecnika : What is the minimum amount of time time one needs to devote daily?
Anshika :  one should give atleast 8-10 hours daily and when drawing near then atleast 16 hrs.

Biotecnika : Do you think solving objective questions is important? Why? Why not?
Anshika : Yes objective questions should be solved, they keep you in habit and you will not feel exhausted during exam, it releases of the tension of examination hall.

Biotecnika : Are Assertion/Reasoning questions important from exam point of view?
Anshika : Assertion and Reasoning are important as they help you to brush up your basics and logics, as sometimes u know the answer but the correct answer is not known so solving them helps a lot.

Lastly I would say work hard with total devotion and you will succeed and if you fail, do not lose hope, just remember that failures are the pillars of success.

All the best

Biotecnika: Thank you anshika for your interview and congratulations Once again for this brilliant success!

Anshika: Thank you sir !!

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