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BioTecNika Launches CSIR NET & GATE express Batch

CSIR NET Express Batch

After a series of Success in our stints at Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Kolkata & now Chennai. We are excited to announce a Batch which changes every paradigm and parameter of preparation for CSIR NET & GATE Exams. We are going to not just change the way you prepare for CSIR NET but also give you a Complete 1 Year 1 Month of Coaching ( Total 13 Months of Coaching ) at the cost of 6 Months Course. That means if you enroll for CSIR NET express Batch you can avail our world-class Coaching services until next Year December 2018.

New Features Added in CSIR NET Express Batch:

  • It starts with Quick Net Revisor for CIR NET December 2017 & GATE 2018
  • Proceeds to a 1 Year of Coaching for Mega Preparation & Sureshot Success in CSIR NET, DBT, ICMR JRF & PhD Entrances of Various Other Universities
  • Every Student gets 14 sets of Printed Study Material + Test Series – AIMNET 2017 & AIMNET 2018
  • Access to Topper’s Platform to Ask queries ( 24 X 7 Doubt Solving )
  • 12 Exclusive Webinars by our Top Experts on Tips n Tricks for CSIR NET, GATE, DBT, ICMR JRF & Other PhD Entrances

Why BioTecNika ?

BioTecNika is a MEGA Company, Our Team handles not just one domain of BioSciences but various domains under its belly. We have not just been able to give exemplary results for CSIR NET & GATE exams in the past but also have worked with almost every Famous BT Personalities to ensure BioSciences Research gets a boost. If you decide to join us as a Student, you get access to the vast network of Alumni & Mentors who can successfully guide you for your career.


CSIR NET Express Batch Starts 28th November 2017

Call 080-6999-7000 for more details or fill the form below:

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Previous Year Chemical Sciences Question Paper

Previous Year Chemical Sciences Question Paper CSIR NET June 2015

Previous Year Chemical Sciences Question Paper

Dear Chemical Sciences Aspirants,

Want to do exam conditions practice of Previous Year Chemical Sciences Question Paper ? try out CSIR NET June 2015 Chemical Sciences Question Paper below. Feel free to contact us in chat if you need any help regarding your preparation.

Why attempt the Previous Year Chemical Sciences Question Paper June 2015 in this format?

Preparing for the exam must consist of practice, lots of practice. But in Real exam conditions. This Question Paper is in the actual exam format:

  • 145 Questions
  • Negative Marking
  • Exactly 180 Minutes

Other facilities:

  • During the exam, you will be able to shuffle in between questions
  • You will also get the answer key at the end of test with exam results, % scored with a certificate

What are you waiting for ?

Start the Exam right away.


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CSIR NET results

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CSIR NET Results Declaration

Be the first to know

The results are delayed for CSIR NET and it has been officially announced now. To simplify the process we take this responsibility to inform you via EMail, SMS, and WhatsApp you as soon as the official result is announced.

Why rely on BioTecNika for CSIR NET Results?

  • We are the fastest & most up to date website for any news related to CSIR NET in the country. In fact, we were the 1st to post this information that the results are delayed.
  • Because we are your best friend when it comes to your career, A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Is this for FREE?

  • Yes this service is absolutely FREE because This service is brought to you FREE of cost by BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, The parent organization which runs India’s largest BioSciences Portal

Is My Data safe with BioTecNika ?

Yes absolutely, BioTecNika never shares you information with any one else and will never use it to spam you. Promise. 100% Spam Proof

We will inform you fastest so that you are the first to know when the csir net exam result is out. Just fill the form below:

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CSIR NET Syllabus + Weightage of Important Topics

Dear Aspirant,

It’s very easy to search and download CSIR NET Syllabus in PDF format But no one tells you about the Important topics for CSIR NET exam and weightage of important topics. So in this article, we elaborate on the important topics and their historical weightage in the exam.

So Let us divide the syllabus into 2 Parts: General Aptitude & Subject-based questions

Part A Topics & Weightage:

  • Logical Reasoning: 25% Weightage
  • Numbers: 10% Weightage
  • Distance: 10% Weightage
  • Probability: 10% Weightage
  • Geometry: 25% Weightage
  • Profit & Loss: 5% Weightage
  • Analytical & Numerical Ability: 5% Weightage
  • Graphical Numbers: 10% Weightage

Weightage of the above topics are depicted in the graph below:


Now coming to the CSIR NET Syllabus for Life Sciences and its important topics:

  • Unit 1: Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology
    • Importance of Unit 1 for Section B / Part is 17.41% and thus is advised to not  to be skipped by the aspirants
    • 8% of Questions for Part C is asked from Unit 1 Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology
  • Unit 2: Cellular Organization
    • This is also an Important Unit with 11.43% of Part B questions asked from this Unit
    • 6.67% of Part C questions are asked from this unit Cellular Organization
  • Unit 3: Fundamental Processes
    • It has been noted that historically in last 10 years this unit has a weightage of 11.43%, that means 11.43% of Questions of Part B is asked from this unit
    • 8% of Questions of Part C is asked from this unit and again this is an important unit for preparation as per the syllabus and historical pattern of CSIR NET exams in past ten years
  • Unit 4: Cell Communication and Cell Signaling
    • Strategically Important Unit Cell Communication and Cell Signaling is a must study unit for all
    • 14.29% of Part B Questions are asked from this Unit
    • We also found that 14% of Part C questions are asked from this topic.
    • DO NOT SKIP This Unit at any cost
  • Unit 5: Developmental Biology
    • Mother of all Units in the CSIR NET Syllabus
    • Has the greatest weightage: 17.41% in Part B and 10.67% in Part C
    • It has a major chunk and plays a great role. Thus its advisable to study it in a very elaborate manner
  • Unit 6: System Physiology – Plant
    • This is strategically tricky & important Unit
    • If you study from this unit you will end up attending 14.29% more questions than others in part B and 6.67% more question in Part C
    • So again DO NOT Skip this Unit
  • Unit 7System Physiology – Animal
    • Strategically Skibbale unit
    • It’s easy to cover though
    • Max of 5% of Questions in Part B and 5% in Part C is asked from this Unit
    • Do not skip it if you can quickly study it. Extra 10% advantage over other aspirants is not a bad idea though
  • Unit 8: Inheritance Biology
    • This unit has historically seen more questions asked in Part C than Part B
    • 9.33% of Questions of Part C of CSIR NET belongs to this unit
    • 5.71% of Question paper of CSIR NET Part B is Unit 8 Inheritance Biology
    • Again do not Skip it
  • Unit 9: Diversity of Life Forms
    • Skippable Unit
    • Not Many questions are asked from this unit
    • Hardly 2.6% of Questions are asked in Part B and same as Part C
    • Close your eyes & Skip this Unit safely
  • Unit 10: Ecological Principles
    • Planning to Skip it? Hell NO
    • This adds 11% extra advantage over Others
    • 5.77% in Part B and 5.33% in Part B
  • Unit 11: Evolution and Behavior
    • Historically & Strategically this is one of the 2nd Most Important Unit
    • Skipping this Unit = Suicidal Risk
    • 14.29% of Part B questions are asked from this unit.
    • 6.67% of Part C Questions are asked from this unit.
  • Unit 12: Applied Biology
    • 4th Most Important Unit for CSIR NET exam, You miss it = you kick your chances for a JRF
    • 8.57% of all Questions asked in Part B belongs from this Unit
    • 6.67% of all questions of Part C belong to Unit 12 Applied Biology
  • Unit 13: Methods in Biology
    • 3rd Most Important Unit & topic for CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus
    • covering this unit helps you capture 26% advantage over other aspirants
    • 14.29% of Questions asked in Part B is from Methods in Biology
    • 12% of Questions asked in Part C belongs to Unit 13 Methods in Biology
  • Summary of all Important Topics for CSIR NET: What to Study & What to Skip
    • If you are targeting Part B: 
      • In Part B more than 15% of Questions are asked from Unit – 1 & 5
      • More than 10 % questions 2,3,4,6,11,13
      • Less than 10 % questions 7,8,9,10,12
    • If you are targeting Part C:
      • More than 10 % questions Unit 4,5,13
      • More than 8 % questions 1,3,8,
      • More than 5 % questions 2,5,7,10,11,12

Graphical Representation of Above Important Topics of CSIR NET & their Weightage as per the syllabus:


Editor’s View:

Everyone searches for CSIR NET Exam syllabus, But they forget the Smart work. Do yourself a favor. Don’t just look for Syllabus or List of Important topics from unverified sources who have no credibility. Look for the data above which is a compilation of experts who have spent 20+ years of teaching & training Students for CSIR NET exam.

Methodology Adopted:

The methodology we adopted is totally based on Last 10 Year CSIR NET exam Question papers for Life Sciences and we calculated the number of questions asked from every unit in that section and then divided it by the total number of Questions in the Section.

Want more help? Contact BioTecNika’s expert Panel at 080-6999-7000 or 1800-200-3757 for CSIR NET Classroom coaching & Online Coaching at your doorstep or just Chat with us in between 9:30 AM and 8 PM IST.

Applying “Pareto Principle” in CSIR NET & GATE exam Preparation

CSIR NET & GATE are one of the Most coveted exams and folks do everything they can to simplify their preparation.
While interacting with one of the CSIR NET Toppers of BioTecNika we discovered that he had smartly applied this principle and not just succeeded but succeeded with top Rank. So what did he do? How did he do it? Lets Understand:
We all know how it feels to be inefficient: spending many hours “studying” without getting much productive work done can be incredibly frustrating, and is a drain on time and energy for students everywhere. What if you could spend LESS time studying, but still get MORE done in your day? If this sounds too good to be true, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The secret to maximising productivity is The Pareto Principle, otherwise known as The 80:20 Rule. Pareto was an Italian economist in the early 1900s, and he declared that in many aspects of life, 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. In other words, 80% of your CSIR NET & GATE exam success will come from 20% of the work you put in:
Before we apply this Principle, let’s understand the challenges before an Aspirant:

  • Huge Syllabus
  • Limited Time
  • Practicing Quality Questions
  • Revision

What is Pareto Principle?
It states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts2017-09-27_08-55-52
How to Apply this in Time Management?
Applying Pareto Principle in Time Management is pretty simple. Identify those times of the day where you are most actively involved in studying without any distractions. You will find that out of 10 Hrs you study every day you are most productive in just 2 Hrs ( approx ) and thus you need to focus there. Want to know more about Time Management Techniques?

Attend my Free Webinar on Time Management Techniques today.

How to Apply this in Managing Vast Syllabus?
Did I just say that the Syllabus is Vast? Yes, it is. Let’s accept the fact that studying everything included in the syllabus of CSIR NET or GATE can result in 5 Years of Just pure studying, leave aside the Preparation & Practice. The syllabus is just the broad guiding principle and you need to effectively apply the Pareto Principle in identifying those areas which are important topics for CSIR NET or GATE exam.
How to maximise that productive 20%
The key to successfully applying the Pareto Principle to CSIR NET & GATE Preparation work is making the most of the 20% of your time that will produce 80% of your results. Here are a few ways that you can ensure maximum productivity when you study: Use the Pomodoro Technique Set yourself a
Here are a few ways that you can ensure maximum productivity when you study: Use the Pomodoro Technique Set yourself a
Use the Pomodoro Technique
Set yourself a 25-minute timer, and work on your chosen task until the timer rings. Take a short break before you start your next 25 minutes. Once you’ve completed for ‘Pomodoros’, take a longer break (20-30 minutes).
Minimise distractions
Use apps to minimise distractions during these 25-minute bursts of work. Strict Workflow, a Google Chrome extension, allows you to create a blacklist of websites to block for 25 minutes at a time. Similarly, Forest occupies your phone screen with a growing tree seedling for half an hour, which will die if you swipe off the app before your work time is complete!
Choose a Study space
Consistently studying in the same place will help you to condition yourself to concentrate more readily when you sit down to work. Find a location with plenty of natural light, a large work surface, and as few distractions as possible. Why not try your dining table, a spot near a window in a library, or your bedroom desk?

Be clear about what you want to achieve

Before each Pomodoro begins, have clearly in mind what work you want to get done in the next 25 minutes. Write a list of the tasks you need to complete this week, and break each one into small steps of around 25 minutes in length to be used as Pomodoros. Cross these off as you go.


Isolate the 20% of the Topics which can have an impact of up to 80% increase in your CSIR NET Score. 

Need help in your CSIR NET & GATE Preparation? Contact BioTecNika today at 080-6999-7000 or 1800-200-3757

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AIMNET 1 – 2017 Results Declared

Dear CSIR Aspirants,

Here we announce the Results for AIMNET 1. It covered Important questions from Unit 1. With the detailed Video Explanation at the end of every question it will further help you analyze in an efficient way on where you went wrong.

Sl No First Name Last Name Score %
1 Saumya Srivastava 63.93
2 Soumyajit Biswas 53.88
3 Subhadip Kundu 38.81
5 Anshika Srivastava 35.62
6 Pragya Yagnik 26.48
9 Naba Sami 23.97
11 Sinduja Mudimannan 12.79
12 Vikas Dixit 11.87
13 Kiran Singh 11.64
14 Soham kumar Nandi 11.64
16 Ritu yadav 7.31
17 Nirdesh Mishra 6.16
19 Roktima Tamuli 4.11
20 Soni Rani 4.11

Results Declared For AIMNET 0 – 2017

Dear CSIR Aspirants,

AIMNET 0 was attempted by a lot of aspirants this time, here we announce the Results for the same. The AIMNET 0 has been an tough exam and the results will provide you an inset on how much everyone has scored. With the detailed Video Explanation it will further help you analyze where you went wrong.

SL No. First Name Last Name Score
1 Babita Sharma 72
2 saikat saha 45.5
4 Shiji L.V. 47
5 Subhadip Kundu 59.5
6 Soham kumar Nandi 36
7 Shalini Kaushik 48
8 Aamish Kappor 30
9 Chandra Kanta Bhusal 5.5
10 ambika dubey 41.5
11 Amrita De 69
12 Shilpa C 63.5
13 Soumyajit Biswas 74
15 Tarannum Ara 40.5
16 shravanthi annad 13
17 tanuja agarwal 43.5

CSIR NET Official Answer Key

BioTecNika FREE CSIR NET Kickstarter Webinar Schedule Announced

Dear BioTecNika members,

Last week we had announced BioTecNika’s CSIR NET Free Kickstarter Webinar for the Benefit of all CSIR NET Aspirants. Today we are glad to announce the schedule for the same. Kindly find the Daily Free Webinar Schedule below:

Webinar Agenda:

  • Complete CSIR NET June 2017 Question Paper Discussion by Top BioTecNika Experts
  • Tips n Tricks on How to get started with your CSIR NET Preparation for Dec 2017
  • Exam Time Management Techniques
  • Unit Wise & Topic Wise Tips n Tricks
  • Toppers Views & Ideas on how to Qualify
  • FREE CSIR NET Planner


Every Student will be allowed to ask questions to our Top Experts and clarify all their doubts related to CSIR NET exam, This will help them to Kickstart their preparation in the best manner possible. However Priority will be given to our Existing Enrolled students while answering queries


Topic Date & Time Duration ( Approx )
CSIR NET Previous Year Question Paper Discussion ( Life Sciences, Part 1 ) 11th July 2017,  7 PM IST  2 Hours
CSIR NET Previous Year Question Paper Discussion ( Life Sciences, Part 2 ) 12th July 2017, 7 PM IST 2 Hours
Time Management Techniques for CSIR NET Exam ( Focus on Daily Schedule ) 13th July 2017, 7 PM IST 1.5 Hours
Exclusive CSIR NET , GATE & DBT Free + Exclusive Tools Launch

Unit Wise & Topic Wise Tips n Tricks & Toppers Views & Ideas on how to Qualify + Free Downloads

24th July 2017, 7 PM IST 2 Hours

NB: We will try to capture everything needed for CSIR NET Preparation in these webinars, Every Webinar will be a continuation of the Previous So DO NOT MISS ANY Webinar

This 7 Hours Kickstarter Webinar comes absolutely Free for All BioTecNika members. If in case you have not registered yet, then fill the form  below:

Click Here if you are not able to see the form below

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How to make best Notes for CSIR NET / GATE Exam ?

Preparing for any entrance exam means the following:

  • Preparing & collecting Best notes for the exam
  • Studying according to the Time Table
  • Practicing More & More Questions

While we all are unique and we all have different study habits, We need to follow some general guidelines so that we do not get carried away by the vast ocean of syllabus and stick to those topics which helps us qualify the exam.

In this article i am going to cover the 1st Point and second point. i think the 3rd Point can be automatically covered if you opt for BioTecNika’s CSIR NET Coaching / Online Study Material / Printed Study Material or Test series.

  1. Preparing & Collecting Best Notes for CSIR NET Exam / GATE Exam: In one of the articles on BioTecNika earlier we had mentioned about the Top 20 standard books which you can refer and also mentioned about the Study Material which Biotecnika can provide you. However the Best notes are the self compiled notes because you make it as per your own needs. But i have seen students often having the following challenges:
    • What to keep and what to skip in the notes: This can be best answered the aspirant himself, However your mentors at Biotecnika can come handy when knowing the importance and weightage of that topic in CSIR NET.
    • Mobility of Notes: What is the use of Notes if they can not be with you 24X7 ? But can you really carry so many papers with you wherever you go ? Watch the Webinar below to learn how you can make your notes mobile
    • Distraction Free Learning: Watch the Webinar on how to keep yourself distraction free when you are studying
    • How much is too much ?
      • Many a times, over enthusiastic aspirants stress themselves and end up pausing their preparation
      • The secret is prolonged sustained steady studying under the guidance of experienced mentors

Attend the FREE Webinar Here

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