16 Reasons why BioTecNika is better for CSIR NET Coaching

This question is asked to us 100 Times every day, How are we unique, different and excpetionally successful in whatever we do !

Thus we thought to enlist the reasons which makes our coaching services exemplary !

  1. 3D Coaching: When you learn your brain can remember textual things temporarily (and also you will forget faster) but Brain can easily remember animations/ images (thats why you remember a cinema more than what you study). Thus learn in our E-Teaching enabled classroom at Bangalore, Noida, Kolkata or Pune with all Animations, Powerpoints, Videos at your disposal.
  2. Interactive Learning: Our faculty makes learning two way. You not only learn the theory via animations but also solve interactive quizzes after the class and get the concepts clearer in mind
  3. Experienced Staff: Our staff have vast experience in teaching and grooming Students of all Types. Whether you are a slow learner, fast learner or a hard worker. we adjust the pace of teaching as per your IQ so that you do not find any topic difficult.
  4. Intelli Study Material: Our Study Material ( 14 sets of Printed Books) has been designed in a manner such that it is not only good for first time students but also helps in Quick Recall. Its Up to date and in lines of the new pattern of CSIR NET
  5. Online Study Portal: Biology is a demonstrative subject and thus we have designed our E-Learning Portal in lines with the fact that each and every animation, powerpoint and Video shown in class will be available at your disposal in our Study Portal. besides that you will also received special -Learning Modules to groom your conceptual Knowledge
  6. Revise smarter: Our every class Interaction is Video recorded and made available in the video zone of our study Portal , so suppose you attended a class in July and want to revise the concepts again in November, you can do that any time of the day or Night
  7. Practice Maximiser: All Study and no practice makes you a dull student, thus BioTecNika’s Test series: NET JRF Pro are open all the time (night or day), attempt it any time, any number of times and practice as much as you can, get your score and compare with all fellow students and know where you are lacking
  8. AIM-NET Dec 2017: To give you a sense of Competition, we run AIM-NET 2013 every Sunday and is open to all Members, you can attempt it to get a feel of competition and where you stand all across India
  9. Concept Booster Cards: Memory Flash Cards with all important terms, definitions and formulae so that you can read them even when you are traveling or sitting idle
  10. e-Library Facility: We have a vast collection of Books in our Library ranging from all e Books and Journals which can help your in CSIR Prep. And all our students are allowed to take these books to their Hostel / Home for self study. This helps you spend more time with books and participate in debates in the classs room
  11. Chat Support for Doubt Solving: Got a Doubt while studying at Home. Your Coaching Experts are just a click away. Come Online and ask your doubt. We will be here to help you
  12. Special Attention to Part A & Part C: Part A and Part C are the portions which determine who takes home a JRF, so we have special faculty to pull you up in GS as well as Part C type questions
  13. Small Batches, Better Personal Attention: Our batches have a small number of students, that helps us work with you personally and focus on your weaker areas.
  14. Interview Support: Our support not just ends with your Clearing of CSIR NET. rather we start grooming you for JRF Interviews and provide assistance to you through our vast JRF Network in CSIR Labs throughout the country.
  15. Affordable Price: Yes we are affordable. We bet, No Institute can give you so many features and quality education at this affordable price.
  16. Proven Results: Simply Said, All the above features are a waste if we are not able to deliver quality results. Our Students have qualified CSIR NET year on year. See for yourself

Remember BioTecNika was built on the foundations of Providing Quality education to the students and we stand by them. Our commitment to your success in CSIR is undefeatable

About the Author Shekhar

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika

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